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TitleTime Administration
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This test will check that Time Administration opens and closes without error

From the main menu, select Settings Manager->Time and Date, or
From a Terminal Emulator session, enter "time-admin"
The 'Time and Date Settings' dialog opens
Click the 'Close' button
'Time and Date Settings' closes

This test will check that the time zone can be changed

Open 'Time and Date' again
Click the 'Unlock' button
The Authenticate dialog opens and prompts for the administrative password
Enter your password and click the 'Authenticate' button
All of the fields on the settings dialog are now unlocked
The time zone displayed is correct for your locale
The default 'Configuration:' option is 'Manual'
Click in the 'Time zone:' field
The Time zone dialog appears displaying a world map and a 'Time zone:' selector
Hover over a diamond on the map with your mouse
The corresponding region/city is displayed under the map
Click one of the diamonds from a different time zone
That region/city is displayed in the 'Time zone:' field under 'Selection'
Click the 'Close' button
You are returned to the 'Time and Date Settings' dialog, the new time zone is displayed and the time is updated correctly for that zone
The time displayed on the panel clock is also updated but this could take up to a minute
Click on 'Time zone:' again and change it back to the correct zone.

This test will check that the time can be set manually

In the 'Time and Date Settings' dialog confirm that 'Configuration:' is set to 'Manual'
Move the clock ahead by 10 minutes by clicking the '+' button or directly entering a number in the minutes field
After some delay, the clock on the panel displays the new, incorrect time
Leave the time set 10 minutes fast for the next test

This test will check that time can be synchronized with Internet servers

Click the button to the right of 'Configuration:'
Two choices are displayed, 'Manual' and 'Keep synchronized with Internet servers'
Select the 'Keep synchronized with Internet servers' option
On a fresh install of Xubuntu a dialog appears and notifies you that "NTP support is not installed"
Click the 'Install NTP support' button
You are prompted to enter the administrative password
Enter your password
An 'Applying changes' progress bar appears
When the 'Changes applied' dialog appears, click 'Close'
You are returned to the 'Time and Date Settings' dialog but now the 'Time:' and 'Date:' settings are no longer visible
Wait until automatic synchronization with an Internet server takes place in the background
The clock on the panel is reset back to the correct time (this may take several minutes)

This test will check that the Help file opens and is current

Click the 'Help' button
The Time Administration help file opens
Scroll through the file to make sure the screens and settings match the installed version
Close the Help file
Close Time and Date Settings

If all actions produce the expected results listed, please submit a 'passed' result.
If an action fails, or produces an unexpected result, please submit 'failed' and file a bug. Please be sure to include the bug number when you submit your result

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