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TitleXfce4 MIME Settings
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This test will check that the MIME Type Editor can open

Locate "MIME Type Editor" under "System" in the Settings dialog and click on it
The MIME Type Editor dialog opens

This test will check that the MIME Type list can be filtered and sorted

Enter some text in the "Filter:" field (e.g., "image")
The MIME Type list is filtered incrementally with partial matches as you type more characters
Click the X icon at the right side of the "Filter:" field
The filter criterion is cleared and the application again displays all available MIME types
Click on the "Default Application" column heading
The list is sorted alphabetically by application name
Click on the "MIME Type" column heading
The list is sorted alphabetically by MIME Type

This test will check that application associations can be set and changed

Enter "log" in the "Filter:" field
The list of MIME types is filtered to those names containing "log"
Locate the "text/x-log" entry and click on it
Its associated default application shows Mousepad
Click on "Mousepad"
A drop-down list appears displaying two recommended applications, Mousepad and LibreOffice Writer
Select LibreOffice Writer
LibreOffice Writer now appears as the "Default Application", the "Status" changes to "User Set", and the typeface of the entire row changes to bold
Open the File Manager and navigate to the /var/log folder
Double-click on any file with a .log extension
The file opens with LibreOffice Writer
Close LibreOffice Writer
In the MIME Type Editor, click again on the "Default Application" field of the "text/x-log" entry
The drop-down menu appears
Click "Reset to Default"
Click the 'Reset to Default' button on the 'Question' dialog to confirm
"Status" changes back to "Default", "Default Application" again shows "Mousepad" and the typeface is un-bolded
Locate the same .log file in File Manager and double-click on it
The file opens in Mousepad
Close Mousepad
Close MIME Type Editor

This test will check that MIME Type Editor will correctly display a file association changed with another application

Right-click on the same .log file in File Manager and select "Open with LibreOffice Writer" from the Properties drop-down
The file opens in LibreOffice Writer
Open MIME Type Editor and locate the "text/x-log" MIME Type entry
The "Status" shows "User Set" and the "Default Application" shows "LibreOffice Writer"
Click on "LibreOffice Writer", select "Reset to Default" and confirm your choice
The "text/x-log" entry is set back to its default of Mousepad
Close MIME Type Editor
Close LibreOffice Writer

If all actions produce the expected results listed, please submit a 'passed' result.
If an action fails, or produces an unexpected result, please submit 'failed' and file a bug. Please be sure to include the bug number when you submit your result

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