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TitleXfce4 Workspace Settings
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Xfce Settings Manager
Xubuntu Testsuite D
Xubuntu Run Once/Optional

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This will test the xfwm4 workspace settings

Open Settings, then "Workspaces"
Xfwm4 workspace settings opens
Use the arrows to change the number of workspaces
The number of workspaces increases, both in the list below and in the indicator bar
Double click one of the workspace names
You are now able to type a name for the workspace
Type a name for the workspace, then press Enter
The workspace name changes in the list
Hover the cursor over the indicator icon of the workspace you just named
The test "Click to switch to [Workspace Name]" appears
Press "Help"
This takes you to an online manual
Click the "Margins" tab
Change the size of each margin, then open a program in each workspace
The programs don't open in the areas specified as margins

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