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Test-case name:xchat

This test will check that Xchat will open correctly
Open Xchat
Xchat should launch to Network List window
This test will check that XChat let you specify Nicks, Names
Double click existing nick in Nick name and enter your nick
Your choice is saved
Repeat for Second and Third choice
All your choices are saved
Double click existing name in User Name and enter your name(or choice)
Your chosen name is saved
Repeat for Real name
Your chosen name is saved
This test will check that XChat will use specified Network, Network Settings and accept Favorite channels
Select Freenode from Network list
Freenode is highlighted
Click in Skip network list on startup
Box is populated with a tickmark
Click Edit button
Edit Freenode window opens
Click in Connect to selected server only
Box is populated with a tickmark
Click in Auto connect to this network at startup
Box is populated with a tickmark
Click the ... button next to text box for Favorite channels
Favorite Channels (Auto-Join List) window opens
Click Add button
Channel dialog appears highlighted
Enter channel name in #channel syntax and enter
Your chosen channel is added to the list
Click Ok
Favorite Channels window closes, your channel is added to Favourite Channel list
Select Server Password text box
Cursor apppears in text box
Enter your freenode password
Symbols appear in password box as you type
Click Close button
Edit Freenode window closes
This test will check that Xchat connects to your chosen network and channel(s) with your chosen nickname
Click Connect button
Xchat opens a new window connected to your chosen channel(s)
Xchat Connection Complete window opens
Click in Always show this dialog after connecting box
Tickmark is removed from the box
Click OK
Connection Complete window closes
Type message in XChat window for channel
Message appears in channel
This test checks that XChat closes properly, and will reopen with the settings previously applied
Click X in top right (or left depending on Desktop Environment)
Quit XChat window appears
Select Don't ask next time
Tickmark appears in box
Click Quit button
XChat closes without error
Open Xchat
Xchat opens, connects to server, opens to channel in autojoin list
Click X in top right (or left depending on Desktop Environment)
XChat closes with no further prompts

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