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Titlealsa-utils (smoke)
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Common Audio

RevisionWritten on the 2013-05-30 17:36 by nskaggs

Test-case name: alsa-utils/alsa-utils-001
Tests should be performed to make sure ALSA is properly recognising your audio hardware.

Check the output of aplay -l
Aplay should list all cards that have an output
Check arecord -l
Arecord should list all cards that have an input
Check alsamixer
Alsamixer should show all playback and capture controls under their respective pages

If all actions produce the expected results listed, please submit a 'passed' result.
If an action fails, or produces an unexpected result, please submit 'failed' and file a bug. Please be sure to include the bug number when you submit your result

RevisionWritten on the 2013-05-15 13:28 by nskaggs