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This test will check that the Printers configuration tool opens correctly

Disconnect any locally connected printers from your computer
Open 'Printers' from your Xubuntu menu or enter system-config-printer from a terminal
The 'Printers - localhost' dialog opens with the message "There are no printers configured yet"
The status bar at the bottom of the dialog says "Connected to localhost"

This test will check that a new printer will be recognized automatically

With the 'Printers - localhost' dialog still open, turn on your printer and connect it to the computer
The printer is automatically recognized and appears in the dialog window

This test will check that the printer prints

Double-click on the printer icon
The 'Printer Properties' dialog opens at the Settings page
Click the 'Print Test Page' button
A dialog appears and displays "Test page submitted as job x"
The test page prints

This test will check that a new printer can be added

From the menu, select Server->New->Printer
The 'New Printer' dialog appears
Under 'Devices', select the existing printer name
A 'Connection' drop down list appears
Select the appropriate connection type for your printer (probably already highlighted)
Click the 'Forward' button
A 'Searching for drivers' dialog appears
Depending on the printer, an 'Installable Options' dialog may appear.
Select the appropriate options and click the 'Forward' button
A 'Describe Printer' dialog appears
Enter a unique name and description for the printer and click 'Apply'
The option to print a test page appears
Click the 'Print Test Page' button
A dialog appears and displays "Test page submitted as job x"
The test page prints

This test will check that the default printer can be changed

Right-click on the printer icon that does not show a green check mark
A popup menu appears
Select 'Set As Default'
The 'Set Default Printer' dialog appears
Select the 'Set as my personal default printer' option and click OK
A yellow star appears on the printer icon and the green check mark still shows on the other printer icon
Right-click on the same printer icon and select 'Set As Default'
The 'Set Default Printer' dialog appears
Select the 'Set as the system-wide default printer' option
Leave the 'Clear my personal default setting' checked
Click OK
The yellow star is replaced by a green check mark on the printer icon indicating that this is now the system-wide default printer

This test will check that printers can be deleted

Right-click on one of the printer icons and select 'Delete' from the menu
A "Really delete printer 'name'?" confirmation appears
Click the 'Delete' button
The printer icon disappears
Repeat with the other printer
The printer icon disappears and the dialog now indicates 'There are no printers configured yet.'

This test will check that a printer can be shared from another computer
Note: this test is optional and requires a second computer running a *buntu flavor

Connect the printer to the other computer which will act as the "server"
Open 'Printers' from the Xubuntu menu on that computer
From the menu, select Server->Settings
The 'Server Settings' dialog opens
Confirm that 'Publish shared printers connected to this system' is checked
Click OK
The 'Server Settings' dialog closes
Right-click on the printer icon
A popup menu appears
Confirm that both 'Enabled' and 'Shared' are checked
Watch the 'Printers - localhost' dialog on the client computer
An icon for the shared printer icon should automatically appear
Double-click the printer icon on the client computer
The 'Printer Properties' dialog opens
Click the 'Print Test Page' button
A test page prints to the printer from the server computer

This test will check that the Help system works

From the menu, select Help->Troubleshoot or press F1
The 'Printing troubleshooter' dialog opens
Follow the prompts to do some basic troubleshooting to the point where you can print a test page
The troubleshooting screens appear as expected and a test page prints

If all actions produce the expected results listed, please submit a 'passed' result.
If an action fails, or produces an unexpected result, please submit 'failed' and file a bug. Please be sure to include the bug number when you submit your result

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Passedelfy2014-09-23 08:30Link to the testcase revision
Passedjjfrv82014-06-16 10:07

Did a slight variation on the test. I used a network-connected wireless printer instead of a locally connected one. I was also able to test the published sharing.

Link to the testcase revision
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