Xfdesktop Settings in Xubuntu Desktop in Trusty Daily (archived)

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Testing settings window launch correctly.

Right-click on desktop and click 'Desktop Settings...'
Desktop Settings window opens

Testing wallpaper changes correctly.

Under 'Background' click on a wallpaper other than the one currently selected
Wallpaper changes accordingly
If other image folders are available, navigate in Folder dropdown and select a new wallpaper
New wallpaper available in list
Select new wallpaper
Added background is set correctly
Select Style options, zoomed etc and apply

Wallpaper changes in response to Style setting

Deselect apply to all workspaces
Yellow notice appears
Move Desktop settings dialogue to a new workspace
Select a different wallpaper
Wallpapers set on workspaces are different
Select Change the background time setting
Set time to in seconds, 10, select random order
After 10 seconds wallpaper changes
Deselect Change the background time setting
Wallpaper remains unchanged after 10 seconds

Testing colours and gradients.

Under 'Background', ensure 'Style' is set to 'None'. Select, in turn, 'Solid colour', 'Horizontal gradient', 'Vertical gradient', and 'Transparent'
Ensure that each are applied correctly.
Change the colour(s) for each
They are set correctly

Testing desktop menu.

Right click on the desktop.
The 'Applications' menu loads up a list of applications correctly
In the desktop settings, under 'Menus', untick and retick the 'Show applications menu on desktop right click' box
Observe in turn that it shows and hides the applications menu correctly.
Untick and retick the 'Show application icons in menu' box
It shows and hides the application icons in the desktop menu
Middle (scroll) click on the desktop
A window list appears
Untick and retick each of the boxes under 'Window List Menu' in the desktop settings dialog
Ensure that they each enable and disable their labelled functions

Testing desktop icons.

Under the 'Icons' tab of the desktop settings manager, under 'Appearance', change icon type to 'Minimised application icons'
Ensure the desktop icons now represent the currently running applications
Now change icon type to none.
and observe that all desktop icons disappear. They should reappear upon reselecting 'File/launcher icons'
Change the icon size with the up and down buttons.
Observe that the icons change size correctly. Check that manually entering a value also has the required effect.
Click the check box 'Use custom font size'
Ensure that using the up or down arrows, or entering a value, changes the icon font size correctly. Unchecking the box should restore the font size to default
Untick and retick 'Show thumbnails'
Desktop thumbnails are shown and hidden correctly (may need some video or image files on the desktop to check this).
Tick 'Single click to activate icons'
Ensure that the icon applications now launch upon being clicked
Untick the box
It now functions as before (double click)
Tick and untick each of the checkboxes under 'Default Icons'
Each in turn is hidden and shown

If all actions produce the expected results listed, and you can answer yes to the above questions, please submit a 'passed' result.
If an action fails, or produces an unexpected result, or you answer no to any of the above questions, please submit 'failed' and file a bug. Please be sure to include the bug number when you submit your result

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Failedschproodle2014-03-06 12:49
Xfdesktop Setting testcase details do not correspond to application (#1288893)
In: Ubuntu Manual Tests
Status: Fix Released
Importance: High
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vbox 4.3.8 64bit
According to testcase instructions which don't correspond to the setting window dialogues (e.g., there is no box for 'single image' or 'green plus...', etc.), I have either a different version of settings application or the testcase instructions are not relevant to the installed settings application. (The testcase instructiions would be appropriate to this setting program in 13.10)

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ReporterLast updateBugsComment
Passedtexadactyl2014-02-03 14:42Link to the testcase revision
Passederic-koegel2013-12-30 08:00

The first time the xfdesktop-settings window was opened the icons appeared to change size, looks like it's reported in: https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9199 It's a minor cosmetic bug.

Link to the testcase revision
Passedjjfrv82013-12-09 13:39

Brightness and Saturation sliders seem to be buggy but it's probably moot because this version will most likely not make it into Trusty and the new version does not have these sliders.

Link to the testcase revision
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