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New PACKAGE uploaded; A new build is generated everytime a new version of unity lands in the ppa, not on a daily basis. Changelog:

Unity testcases in Unity Smart Scopes (archived)

InstructionsLink to the installation instructions
Bug instructionsLink to bug reporting instructions
Unity Lens MusicUnity Lens MusicMandatory---
Unity Smart ScopesUnity Smart ScopesMandatory---
Unity LensesUnity LensesMandatory---
Unity DashUnity DashMandatory---
Unity LauncherUnity LauncherOptional---
Unity Window Management Unity Window Management Optional---
Unity Alt-tabUnity Alt-tabOptional---
Unity HUDUnity HUDOptional---
Unity multimonitor multi-launchersUnity multimonitor multi-launchersOptional---
Unity PanelUnity PanelOptional---
Unity Software CenterUnity Software CenterOptional---
Unity StartupUnity StartupOptional---