Online Account Settings in Ubuntu Online Accounts in Webapps Precise Testing (archived)

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This tests check whether Online Accounts’ setting program is available.

Open System Settings
Online Accounts icon must be available in “Personal” settings.
Open System Settings
Online Accounts dialog must appear. "Show accounts that integrate with" must list "All Applications. Account services must list at least these services: Facebook, Flickr, Google, and Twitter

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Failedprakas-882012-08-20 02:58
Online Accounts Icon Not Available in System "Personal" Settings (#1038884)
In: Online Accounts Documentation
Status: Invalid
Importance: Undecided
Assignee: Ken VanDine
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Online Accounts Icon Not Available in System setting --> "Personal" Settings in Ubuntu- 12.04.1 LTS -desktop-amd 64 bit ISO.

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