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RevisionWritten on the 2015-12-07 12:58 by flocculant

This test will check if Darktable opens properly from the STUDIO menu.

Open the Darktable application from the PHOTOGRAPHY subsection within the GRAPHIC DESIGN subsection in Main Menu.
Darktable opens properly.

This test will check if Darktable properly import photos to its library.

In the left-hand panel, unfold the "Import" panel and press the "Folder" button.
Chose a folder containing RAW photos and press "Open"
Darktable properly imports RAW photos to library.

This test will check if Darktable properly exports photos to 8-bit JPG.

Make sure you are in "Lighttable" mode.
Select a few photos.
In the right-hand panel unfold the "Export Selected" menu
In the "Target Storage" tab chose "file on disk" and pick a location to save the exported photos to.
In the "File Format" tab, pick JPEG(8-bit) and set the quality to 95.
With no further settings, press "Export"
Photos are exported in JPG to given location

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