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RevisionWritten on the 2015-10-14 12:24 by flocculant

This test will check correct functioning of Agave.

Open Agave
Agave opens with a awatch of colours set from the default
Pick a colour with the colour picker
The shown swatch changes
Change the scheme type
The swatch changes to the new scheme
Pick a colour from the palette
The swatches change to suit the new colour
Change the available colours from the palette drop down
Colours in palette change
Add current scheme to favourites with Ctrl+D
Export favourites from File menu, choosing a suitable path
File saves
Close Agave from menu or with Ctrl+Q
Agave closes

This test will check that Agave opens with a palette.

Open file manager
Locate previosly saved favourite
Move file to .local/share/agave/palettes
Rename file to include .gpl extension
Open Agave
Agave opens with the new palette

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