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Testcase assumes that the test is run completely

This test will check that Thunar opens and closes as expected

Open Thunar from the menu
Thunar opens at /home/USER
Close Thunar with the X in the top left corner
Thunar closes with no error

This test will check that a device, when plugged in, triggers a Device entry, mounts, unmounts and ejects correctly

Plug in a USB
A new Thunar window opens, Device appears in left pane within Devices section and selected
Main Thunar window shows expected contents and location selector shows path
Right click device in Device Pane
Select unmount from menu
Main Thunar window reverts to /home/USER
Device still available in Device pane
Right click device in Device Pane
Select Eject from menu
Device is removed from Device pane list

These tests will check items in the File menu

This test requires the previous test to have run
Press Ctrl+T
A new tab showing /home/USER opens
Press Ctrl+N
A new Thunar window opens showing /home/USER
Press Shift+Ctrl+N
Create New Folder dialogue opens
Type Test and click Create
New folder is created and selected
From File Menu - select Create Document
Select Empty File
New Empty File dialogue opens
Type test in dialogue and click Create
File test is created and selected
Press Ctrl+O
Text Editor opens file named test
Close text editor with X in corner of window
Text editor closes
SelectFile -> Open With, select LibreOffice Writer
LibreOffice Writer opens with file named test
Close LibreOffice Writer with X in corner of window
LibreOffice Writer closes
SelectFile -> Send to Desktop (create link)
Select Desktop in Places pane in Thunar
Link to file test shows
Select USER in Places pane
Window shows contents of /home/USER
Press Ctrl+W
Thunar closes, leaving original window open
Press Ctrl+Q
Thunar closes

These Tests will check items in the Edit menu

This test requires that Thunar is open at /home/USER and previous test has been run
Select the test file previously created
Press Ctrl+X
Select Desktop from the Places sidebar
Thunar window changes to show Desktop contents
Press Ctrl+V
File Operation Progress and Confirm to replace files dialogue boxes appear
Click Replace in Confirm dialogue
Dialogues disappear, existing symbolic link on Desktop replaced by file test
Select test file on Desktop
Press Ctrl+C
Select USER from places sidebar
Thunar window shows contents of /home/USER
Focus mouse pointer in main window and press Ctrl+V
File test is copied to /home/USER
Select file test and go to Edit -> Move to Wastebasket and select
File test disappears from window
Select Desktop from Places sidebar
Contents of Desktop displayed
Select file test, from Edit menu - select Delete
Permanent Deletion warning appears
Select Delete button
Warning dialogue disappears and file test is deleted from Desktop
Select Wastebasket/Rubbish Bin from Places sidebar
Contents displayed - only one test is visible
Right Click on file test, select Restore
File test no longer shows in Rubbish Bin
Select USER from Places Sidebar
Contents of /home/USER displayed including file test
Select Edit -> Select All files
All files in window are highlighted
Select Edit -> Select by pattern
Select dialogue appears
Type test in box and press Select
Only file test is highlighted
Select file test, go to Edit -> Select Duplicate
New file copy of test appears in window
Select copy of test
Select Edit -> Rename and select
Rename dialogue box appears
Type tested in box and click Rename
File copy of test is renamed tested

These tests will check items in the View Menu

Select View -> Location Selector, pick Pathbar Style
Location changes to show path icons
Select View -> Sidepane - Tree
Sidepane changes to show Tree view
Select View -> Statusbar
Status bar is removed from bottom of Thunar
Reverse Statusbar test and then select Menubar
Status bar appears, menu bar disappears
Press Ctrl+M
Menu Bar reappears
Select View -> Show Hidden Files
Hidden files appear in main window
Press Ctrl+H
Hidden files removed from view
Select View -> Arrange Items - cycle through options
Ordered view changes as Arrange type is changed
Press Ctrl+1
View changes to Icons
Press Ctrl+2
View changes to detailed list, Configure Columns appears in View menu
Press Ctrl+3
View changes to Compact List

These tests will check items in the Go and Help menus

Select Go -> Open Parent
View changes to /home/
Select Go -> Back
View changes to /home/USER
Select Go - Forwards
View changed to /home/
Select Go - Home
View changes to /home/USER
Cycle through Go -> Desktop, Rubbish Bin, Filesystem, Templates
View changes to selected locations
Select Help -> Contents
Read manual online dialogue opens
Select Read online
Dialogue closes, web browser opens at

If all actions produce the expected results listed, please submit a 'passed' result.
If an action fails, or produces an unexpected result, please submit 'failed' and file a bug. Please be sure to include the bug number when you submit your result

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