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RevisionWritten on the 2014-03-03 07:49 by elfy
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Test-case name:exo helper

This test will check that exo helper opens applications correctly

Open Settings Manager -> Keyboard -> Application Shortcuts
Application Shortcuts tab opens
Press Super+3
Abiword opens
Press Super+f
File Manager opens
Press Super+m
Mail Reader opens
Press Mail shortcut button (if available)
Mail Reader opens
Press Super+t
Terminal opens
Press Super+w
Web Browser opens
Press Web Browser shortcut button (if available)
Web Browser opens
Press Super+1
gmusicbrowser opens
Press Super+1
gnumeric opens
Press Super+e
Mousepad opens
Press Super+2
pidgin opens
Press Super+r
xfce4-appfinder opens
Press Alt+F3
xfce4-appfinder opens
Press Super+p
xfce4-display-settings --minimal opens
Press XF86Display(if available)
xfce4-display-settings --minimal opens
Press Alt+F1
Application menu opens
Press Print
Screenshooter - whole screen
Press Alt+Print
Active Window screenshooter opens
Press Ctrl+Esc
desktop menu opens
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del
screen lock
Press Alt+F2
Run dialogue opens

This test will check that shortcuts and their targets can be changed

Double click on Command 'abiword'
Shortcut Command dialogue opens with abiword highlighted
Press backspace and type gnome-mines, press OK
Shortcut command dialogue closes
Command listed as Mines
Press Super+3
Mines opens
Double click on Shortcut (Super+3) for gnome-mines
Shortcut Command dialogue appears
Press Super+9
Shortcut changes to Super+9
Press Super+9
Mines opens
Press Reset to Defaults button
Confirmation dialogue appears
Press Yes
Changes are reverted, Command now reads abiword, Shortcut reads Super+3

If all actions produce the expected results listed, please submit a 'passed' result.
If an action fails, or produces an unexpected result, please submit 'failed' and file a bug. Please be sure to include the bug number when you submit your result