Open Defects

Bug #TitleAffectsStatusImportanceAssigneeCom.Sub.Dup.
Artful Daily
1689842menulibre crashed with AttributeError in remove_selected(): 'TreeModelFilter' object has no attribute 'remove'menulibreNewMedium320
Yakkety Daily
Xenial Daily
1540186thunar crashed with SIGSEGV in g_type_check_instance_is_fundamentally_a()thunarConfirmedHigh12113
1270894Sorting by date or name not working properly in thumbnail barristrettoConfirmedMedium950
1632027New Document feature missing from Nautilus 3.20+nautilusConfirmedLow2455
1530335“Weather Configuration” - “Address” : Exists some display problemsindicator-china-weatherNewUndecided310
Wily Daily
1493582Could not rotate PDF document with keyboard shortcutsevinceTriagedLow330
1610476booting with nvidia drivers via nvidia-prime results in no display in 14.04.5nvidia-primeConfirmedUndecided944
Trusty Daily
1229171switch fcitx to input chinese failed in dashnuxTriagedCriticalBrandon Schaefer820
1252430high contrast and large font size setting is not applied in lubuntu sessionlightdm-gtk-greeterConfirmedHigh410
1263422eog does not show jpg fileeogConfirmedHigh510
1288415thunderbird does not show contact entries in mailing listthunderbirdConfirmedHigh510
1271953Num Lock is not activated in greeter, even if it is activated in the biosunity-greeterTriagedHigh410
1263355Unable to directly access files of any smartphone from UbuntulibmtpConfirmedMedium1730
1268750software-properties does not recognize Nvidia Optimus hardwaresoftware-propertiesIn ProgressMediumAlberto Milone940
1263263lightdm-gtk-greeter crashed with SIGSEGV in start_authentication()lightdm-gtk-greeterNewMedium730
1267851No Guest Account in LightDMlightdm-gtk-greeterNewMedium730
1278101xubuntu trusty - thunar crashed with SIGABRT in mem_error()thunarNewMedium630
12633510489:e062 [Sony VAIO SVF1421C5E] Bluetooth adapter does not work with Broadcom driverbcmwlTriagedMedium2550
1262492An empty launcher is created instead of a complete launcher in xfce panelxfce4-panelConfirmedWishlist210
1279047alphabetical sorting in lxtask is case sensitivelxtaskTriagedWishlist610
1293151menulibre: hidden entry is still displayed in menumenulibreConfirmedUndecided920
1262974Lightdm goes to black screen if i choose Other and click OK (without username and password)lightdm-gtk-greeterNewUndecided210
1271979Wrong color in xfce4-sensors panel barxfce4-sensors-pluginNewUndecided510