Defects Summary

Bug #TitleAffectsStatusImportanceAssigneeCom.Sub.Dup.
Artful Daily
9999cfdisk crashes if terminal size is too smallutil-linuxFix ReleasedMediumLaMont Jones440
1689842menulibre crashed with AttributeError in remove_selected(): 'TreeModelFilter' object has no attribute 'remove'menulibreNewMedium320
1681886Parole clears global historyparoleFix ReleasedUndecided510
Yakkety Daily
1512120[SRU] thunar crashes on file renamingthunarFix ReleasedHighMarcos Nascimento2604410
1514912Thunar crash while copying files (segfault / possible clash with gnome.zeitgeist.Engine)thunarFix ReleasedUndecided35108
Xenial Daily
1Microsoft has a majority market shareUbuntuFix ReleasedCritical19674080
1540186thunar crashed with SIGSEGV in g_type_check_instance_is_fundamentally_a()thunarConfirmedHigh12113
1529685Suspend-Resume freezes the system completelylinuxExpiredHigh620
1475090[sru]dbus daemon start failed in 15.10youker-assistantFix ReleasedHighAron Xu610
1513277Parole does not show video when playing DVDparoleFix ReleasedHigh620
1530341Video-scope-Function cannot be used in UK16.04Ubuntu KylinFix ReleasedHighshijing410
1530342Music-scope-Function cannot be used in UK16.04Ubuntu KylinFix ReleasedHighshijing410
1574278AbiWord text cursor starts to flicker after adding some textabiwordFix ReleasedHigh65155
1574544[SRU] Light-locker-settings crash on startuplight-locker-settingsFix ReleasedHighJulien Lavergne1276
1513590unable to delete items in menulibremenulibreInvalidHigh1510
1515184Crash when selecting a category in a new entrymenulibreExpiredMedium1010
1270894Sorting by date or name not working properly in thumbnail barristrettoFix ReleasedMedium1050
1402036Mugshot authentication failedMugshotFix ReleasedMedium1031
1508192Mousepad search highlights hard to seexubuntu-artworkFix ReleasedMediumPasi Lallinaho710
1508918Deleting from search resultscatfishFix ReleasedMedium910
1514018Catfish calculates end date in custom range incorrectlycatfishFix ReleasedMedium410
1546803Please merge kdenlive from Debian unstablekdenliveFix ReleasedMediumScarlett Gately Moore921
1632027New Document feature missing from Nautilus 3.20+nautilusConfirmedLow2785
1550356Thumbnail capability doesn't workcatfishExpiredUndecided610
1530343Photo-scope-Function cannot be used in UK16.04Ubuntu KylinFix ReleasedUndecidedshijing410
1547807Need to click in empty space for right click options to workcatfishFix ReleasedUndecided510
1557349Parole does not hold the media frame when paused in fullscreen modeparoleFix ReleasedUndecided710
457129suspend is not triggered when laptop lid is closedxfce4-power-managerInvalidUndecided1010
1510889Doesn’t resume from suspend on Virtual Machine after lockinglight-lockerInvalidUndecided210
1511136Parole crash when startingparoleInvalidUndecided410
1530335“Weather Configuration” - “Address” : Exists some display problemsindicator-china-weatherNewUndecided310
Wily Daily
1462688ubi-timezone failed exit code 1 error when installing UbuntuStudio Wily-15.10 32bit versiontzsetupFix ReleasedHighMathieu Trudel-Lapierre2697
1468529lxappearance segmentation faultlxappearanceFix ReleasedHighJulien Lavergne1611
1484785language selector text cut off in abiwordabiwordFix ReleasedHighJulien Lavergne2960
1491601Testcase for Gnome-terminal needs editingUbuntu Manual TestsFix ReleasedMediumLysenko Denis410
1493582Could not rotate PDF document with keyboard shortcutsevinceTriagedLow330
1610476booting with nvidia drivers via nvidia-prime results in no display in 14.04.5nvidia-primeConfirmedUndecided944
1482341testcase 1510 for lxtask expects lxterminal in acessories instead of system toolsUbuntu Manual TestsFix ReleasedUndecidedLyn Perrine110
1493908ctrl+z key combination does not restore picture to its original settingUbuntu Manual TestsFix ReleasedUndecidedKev Bowring910
1495943gvfs-trash doesn't add "trash::" attrs to file which is moved to Trashglib2.0Fix ReleasedUndecided1353
1481976Accessibility options will not changelightdm-gtk-greeterInvalidUndecided430
1481978Lubuntu suspend changes greeter screenLightDM GTK GreeterInvalidUndecided420
1481984Cannot search(and when I can it freezes)Lubuntu Software CenterWon't FixUndecided210
Trusty Daily
1229171switch fcitx to input chinese failed in dashnuxTriagedCriticalBrandon Schaefer820
1263422eog does not show jpg fileeogConfirmedHigh510
1288415thunderbird does not show contact entries in mailing listthunderbirdConfirmedHigh510
1252421application help cannot be opened - yelp is missinggnumericExpiredHigh911
1252430high contrast and large font size setting is not applied in lubuntu sessionlightdm-gtk-greeterExpiredHigh610
1288418thunderbird handles mailto: links incorrectly, generates wrong receipient addressthunderbirdExpiredHigh510
1194370intel_microcode: prepend_earlyinitramfs: not foundinitramfs-toolsFix ReleasedHighDimitri John Ledkov39291
1203296thunar crashed with SIGSEGV in magazine_chain_pop_head()gtk+2.0Fix ReleasedHigh38442
1210898Removable drives and media not automatically mounted/listedthunar-volmanFix ReleasedHighAlvaro A.Cordoba4774
1256414evince rotion bug with postscript filesevinceFix ReleasedHigh1020
1264525Mousepad testcases probably need refactoringUbuntu Manual TestsFix ReleasedHighDavid Pires210
1278089Parole reports "Gstreamer backend error, could not initialise supporting library"paroleFix ReleasedHighSean Davis2050
1278284Doesn't find gstreamer1.0 codecssessioninstallerFix ReleasedHigh812
1290803blank Properties windowxfce4-indicator-pluginFix ReleasedHighJackson Doak1120
1255649Test ID 1612 - lxsessions-edit is obsoleteUbuntu Manual TestsInvalidHigh310
1271953Num Lock is not activated in greeter, even if it is activated in the biosunity-greeterTriagedHigh410
1263355Unable to directly access files of any smartphone from UbuntulibmtpConfirmedMedium1730
1288422thunderbird lists 0 bytes size for attachmentsthunderbirdExpiredMedium510
1098323Parole failes to play DVDparoleFix ReleasedMediumSean Davis2140
1252451lxterminal does not change title of windowlxterminalFix ReleasedMedium710
1255651Test ID 1511 - pcmanfm - test steps expects wrong application categoryUbuntu Manual TestsFix ReleasedMediumSimon Quigley310
1268623evince crashed with SIGSEGV in append_escaped_text()evinceFix ReleasedMedium830
1270090time-admin can not install ntpgnome-system-toolsFix ReleasedMediumAlistair Buxton1842
1280641Thunar not saving sidebar "places" bookmarks after exitthunarFix ReleasedMediumAlistair Buxton1900
1302571Panel 0 xfce4-indicator-plugin misbehavior in Trustyxfce4-indicator-pluginFix ReleasedMediumSean Davis1113
1268750software-properties does not recognize Nvidia Optimus hardwaresoftware-propertiesIn ProgressMediumAlberto Milone940
1263263lightdm-gtk-greeter crashed with SIGSEGV in start_authentication()lightdm-gtk-greeterInvalidMedium830
1267851No Guest Account in LightDMlightdm-gtk-greeterInvalidMedium830
1278101xubuntu trusty - thunar crashed with SIGABRT in mem_error()thunarNewMedium630
12633510489:e062 [Sony VAIO SVF1421C5E] Bluetooth adapter does not work with Broadcom driverbcmwlTriagedMedium2550
1271883Workspace Settings number keys do not workxfwm4Won't FixMedium1110
1261203Abiword top ruler hidden by gray area on first openabiwordFix ReleasedLow1050
1271861"Open with 'default app'" in right click context menu with wrong iconthunarFix ReleasedLowJackson Doak2020
1263266gmusicbrowser does not play in album order, even if shuffle queue is disabledgmusicbrowserInvalidLow1310
1262492An empty launcher is created instead of a complete launcher in xfce panelxfce4-panelConfirmedWishlist210
1286487Camera not working ootbmugshotFix ReleasedWishlistJackson Doak310
1279047alphabetical sorting in lxtask is case sensitivelxtaskTriagedWishlist610
1293151menulibre: hidden entry is still displayed in menumenulibreConfirmedUndecided920
1266911Lightdm hangs when switching sessionslightdmExpiredUndecided410
1210728Report a testcase bug missing from package trackerUbuntu QA WebsiteFix ReleasedUndecided120
1229205Help button results in Document not foundMugshotFix ReleasedUndecidedSean Davis230
1233937感觉便签下方的2个图钉有些多余chinese-calendarFix ReleasedUndecided810
1250560Use of gksudo/gksu in testcases for Xubuntu Desktop in Trusty Daily Ubuntu Manual TestsFix ReleasedUndecidedDavid Pires710
1255061Instruction error in Xfce4 Keyboard Settings in Xubuntu Desktop for Trusty DailyUbuntu Manual TestsFix ReleasedUndecidedDavid Pires110
1255805Parole testcase instructions have a broken linkUbuntu Manual TestsFix ReleasedUndecidedDavid Pires310
1263269Add Music Library does not change Songtree View main list (No songs found)gmusicbrowserFix ReleasedUndecidedJackson Doak510
1271982xfce4-sensors label with same color of panelxfce4-sensors-pluginFix ReleasedUndecided910
1275015apt-get remove xscreensaver >>> "No such file or directory"xscreensaverFix ReleasedUndecided610
1284720Mugshot fails at attempt to change avatarmugshotFix ReleasedUndecidedSean Davis732
1275849Xorg crashed with SIGABRT in __GI_raise()xorg-serverInvalidUndecided610
1291914Whisker menu "hides" About Xfce and Contribute to Xubuntuxubuntu-default-settingsInvalidUndecided510
1292730Optimus: Nvidia Settings asks sudo password to change between Nvidia and Intel cardnvidia-primeInvalidUndecided810
1262974Lightdm goes to black screen if i choose Other and click OK (without username and password)lightdm-gtk-greeterNewUndecided210
1271979Wrong color in xfce4-sensors panel barxfce4-sensors-pluginNewUndecided510
1275873xfce4-settings "Preferred Applications" needs expansionxfce4-settingsOpinionUndecided310
1252438lubuntu software center testcase - no search boxLubuntu Software CenterWon't FixUndecided820